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Linzey Appraisal
   Estate Services
Consultation and Planning: Linzey Appraisal Associates, LLC is available to guide you through both purchases and sales.  Our years of experience in the marketplace and established working relationships with dealers, galleries, auctions houses and museums allows us to facilitate the best value for your investment in purchases and maximize your results in sales.
Curatorial Services: If an individual or corporation has an extensive collection, it can be difficult to organize and manage.  As the Assistant Registrar of the Barnes Foundation, Katherine Linzey conducted a full inventory of their collections and established the museum’s computer database.  She has expertise in preparing a museum-quality curatorial record of every item in your collection with full descriptions, photographs and relevant documentation
Educational Programs and Lectures: Katherine Linzey is available to give lectures and presentations to your corporation, social group, not-for-profit organization or community.  Her lectures present the world of appraising to audiences of all interest levels, from beginner to expert collector, explaining the reasons one would want an appraisal, the types of values that can be estimated and types of reports that can be prepared.  They can also include examples of appraisals on sample items provided either by Ms. Linzey, or by members of the group.
We are also available for “On-the-spot” appraisal services for your fundraising event, art & antiques show or corporate affair